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Social Security Disability

Our offices may represent you as your start the process of a Social Security benefits claim, or, if your claim for Social Security disability benefits has been denied, we can represent you in your appeal. As your attorneys, we will advocate with Social Security Administration staff and judges to resolve complex medical and legal issues as quickly as possible.You may lack sufficient proof to sustain your claim for benefits.

We will work with experts to develop all of the medical reasons for your disability, including psychological consequences such as stress, anxiety and depression. Post-traumatic stress syndrome resulting from an injury or other cause can be just as disabling, and with longer lasting effects, as a physical injury. Other forms of mental illness such as depression can be cause for a Social Security disability award, alone or especially when combined with a physical injury.

We will also advise you about other benefits to which you may be entitled, including workers’ compensation, private disability insurance, state and municipal disability insurance, and accident benefits.

Free initial consultation. No fee unless successful, and our fee is limited in accordance with Social Security Administration regulations.